My Interests

I am generally interested in science fiction, history, and preservation of cultural heritage. I believe history is more than writing books. It can serve as a tool to educate and empower individuals and communities. For that reason, I have been working to bring history to non-specialized audiences. A starting point has been my passion for archival preservation. I am co-founder of the Venezuela History Network, an organization focused on the digitization of archives at risk in Venezuela and the promotion of the digital humanities in general. The objective here is to contribute to the creation of new narratives, perspectives and debates about Venezuelan and Latin American history by providing open access to digitized content. The organization also seeks to help and assist those communities or institutions without the means to preserve their own cultural heritage.

My interests also include collaborating as a host for podcasts focused on bringing historical topics to broader audiences. I interview historians about their books. The idea is to raise awareness about their research through simple but engaging conversations that appeal to non-academic people. I want to make history important and accessible for individuals who are not interested in approaching the discipline from a purely academic perspective.

 As a researcher and PhD candidate in Latin American history I study the Venezuelan petroleum industry under foreign control (1922-1976). This includes issues of corporate social responsibility, domestic nationalism and the network of relationships developed between US oil companies and Venezuelans.

I enjoy playing soccer, videogames, watching shows and reading in my free time. Food and restaurants are always a fine plan. Big fan of space operas and science fiction franchises like Star Wars, Mass Effect, Horizon, and others.