My Projects

Some of the projects, initiatives, etc, I am working on.

The projects showcased below are a window into my world. They capture my professional development as well as my personal interests and experiences. Please browse my work and get in touch if you want to see more.

The Price of Doing Business

This is my dissertation project. It explores the presence of US oil firms in Venezuela and the close relationships they established with the local population between 1939 and 1976. My dissertation seeks to understand how foreign capital persisted so long in the Venezuelan oil industry while avoiding the economic nationalism and resentment that confronted them elsewhere in Latin America. I argue that US private interests endured for decades because their comprehensive business agenda focused on the socioeconomic development of the country and the creation of a network of alliances with its people.

Venezuela History Network

The Venezuelan Digital History Network Foundation (abbreviated as Venezuela History Network) is a non-profit organization focused on the development of digital humanities initiatives and the preservation of cultural heritage in Venezuela. Two colleagues and I created this institution in 2021. It is specifically dedicated to the rescue and digitization of cultural heritage at risk, specially of public and private archives containing historical documents. We believe in open-access technologies as the best way for individuals and communities to get access to their histories.  We also seek to collaborate with similar-minded organizations in the country and create networks of support to further preserve the cultural heritage of Venezuela. For more updates about the development of this project please visit:


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Social Network Database of Social Relations in Venezuelan Oil Industry

I am building a database of social connections in the Venezuelan oil industry for dissertation purposes. It tracks the trajectories of Venezuelans within the local oil industry including supervisory positions at US petroleum companies. I then feed this data into visualizing tools like Gephi. This software allows you to map networks of social relations. I utilize it to visualize the contacts these foreign enterprises developed with locals through its Venezuelan executives and employees at different levels, government, civil society and trade unions.

Green Leaf