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Cooper, Margaret Anne Becker (1935–2011)

I am delighted to share my latest publication, a captivating exploration into the remarkable life of Margaret Anne Becker Cooper (1935–2011).

From teacher to state congresswoman, Margaret Anne Becker Cooper's journey was one of passion, dedication, and tireless public service. Born in Marshalltown, Iowa, she met her future husband, Robert A. "Bob" Cooper, at a fishing camp, and their love story set the stage for a lifetime of accomplishments.

After graduating from Iowa State College and marrying Bob, Margaret embarked on a journey of family life and community involvement. She displayed a deep commitment to education, playing an active role in the parent-teacher association, establishing a voluntary kindergarten program for non-English-speaking students, and becoming a junior high school teacher. Her belief in the importance of education extended to her political career, where she advocated for government spending in areas like education.

Margaret's political journey began in 1984 when she ran for office as a moderate conservative in Texas' House District 47. Her unexpected victory marked the beginning of a trailblazing legislative career. As a state representative, she championed conservation efforts for water resources and worked to secure health care and retirement benefits for the elderly and those in need. Her commitment to preserving the Edwards Aquifer and ensuring access to clean water for communities in Central Texas left a lasting impact.

Throughout her public service, Margaret was known for her diligence, thoughtfulness, and advocacy for social services to uplift the underprivileged. Her quiet, politically-independent approach earned her admiration from colleagues and supporters alike.

Learn more about the inspiring life and legacy of Margaret Anne Becker Cooper. Her dedication to community, education, and the well-being of others will continue to inspire generations to come.

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