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Dillon, David Anthony (1941–2010)

Hello everyone! It has been a while since my last post but starting today I will be sharing with you several updates. The first one of them is that the Texas State Historical Association has published another one of the entries I worked on this year. Do you know who David Anthony Dillon (1941-2010) is? He was an educator, professor, journalist, and architecture critic. His critically acclaimed article, "Why Is Dallas Architecture So Bad?," served as a catalyst for change, sparking a movement to humanize the city’s structures and prioritize the needs of its citizens. Throughout his career, Dillon garnered well-deserved accolades, including awards from the Associated Press, the Dallas Press Club, and the Texas Society of Architects. He was even nominated multiple times for a Pulitzer Prize in criticism. His thought-provoking writings graced the pages of prestigious academic journals and magazines, solidifying his status as a nationally renowned critic. Beyond this role, Dillon's passion for architecture extended to influential projects, including design plans for the White House and President's Park, leaving an indelible mark on the nation's capital. The

David Dillon Papers collection, donated by his wife Sally, now resides at the University of Texas at Arlington, ensuring his wisdom and legacy continue to inspire future generations. Learn more about this man and his commitment to Texas architecture here.

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