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Nación Creole Published at Boletín de la Academia Nacional de la Historia

I'm proud to share that my latest academic article "La Nación Creole: Petróleo, Desarrollo Nacional e Inversiones Extranjeras En Venezuela (1939-1965)" has been published in the Boletín de La Academia Nacional de la Historia. It offers valuable insights into the role of oil and foreign investment in shaping Venezuela's development between the 1940s and 1960s. I analyze the Creole Petroleum Corporation's (the country's biggest oil producer and the main subsidiary of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey) multiple investments in radio, TV, and corporate publications. It also explores the company's involvement in agricultural and industrial projects and the provision of seed capital for local business initiatives. Check it out here! #petroleumhistory #oilcorporations #Venezuela #corporatesocialresponsibility #Creole Petroleum Corporation #CreoleInvestmentCorporation #agriculture #media #industry

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