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The Legacies of Alexander Kathleen Jones and Karen Sue Holmes Perkins

Philanthropist, businesswoman, rancher and oil executive. Image courtesy of Mesteña, LLC, and available on the Internet.
Kathleen Jones Alexander (1885–1979)

This is a first post on a series of future biographical entries I published for the Texas Handbook of Women of the Texas State Historical Association. I collaborated with this organization in researching and writing about the lives of important women in the history of Texas.

In this case I want to share a first batch of biographical entries. They are about Alexander Kathleen Jones and Karen Sue Holmes Perkins. Both were important entrepreneurs in their respective fields. Karen as a professor and feminist activist that created the Women’s Center of Tarrant County in Fort Worth, Texas. Alexander left her own footprint in real estate, cattle ranching and more importantly in the Texas energy sector, becoming one of the first women to serve as president of an oil corporation, the Mesteña Oil and Gas Company (1935-).

For more on the histories of these fascinating entrepreneurs see the entries I co-authored with Whitney Wheeler and Robin Borglum Kennedy below.

Enjoy the read!

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