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Digital Humanities

I am a social entrepreneur with a passion for cultural heritage preservation and free access to historical knowledge. I have worked on digital projects and digital humanities initiatives. My experience includes:


The Venezuela History Network (Red Historia Venezuela)

The Venezuela History Network is a non-profit focused on the preservation and digitization of at-risk archival collections in Venezuela. The organization also creates open-source digital repositories to make digital collections accessible to the public. I am the co-founder of this initiative. In that role, I am in charge of fundraising and grant applications. I also manage project budgets and co-supervise digitization initiatives such as our most recent concluded project: The digitization of 404 colonial volumes on the history of enslaved Afro-Venezuelans.

Benson Latin American Collection

The Benson Latin American Collection is one of the most important libraries in the world for the study of Latin America. The organization also promotes a host of different digital humanities projects. In my role as content curator for this institution, I co-created a World History Plan designed for the Urban Teachers Program at the College of Education at the University of Texas in Austin. I contributed with an overview summary of the “Cold War in Latin America (1945-1991)” and curated primary sources from vulnerable social groups and resistance movements to dictatorships. I also developed the underlying datasets to create a social network visualization map based on the García Genaro Collection’s of 19th century photographs about Mexican politicians. As part of this task, I had to digitize a large subset of photographs using in-house digitization standards and procedures.

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