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Las Vegas Internet 2.0 Conference and TV interview Red Historia Venezuela

Hello everyone! I am very excited to share with you that last month I was recognized with the "Outstanding Leadership Award" at the Summer Edition of the Internet 2.0 Conference.

As a historian and social entrepreneur, my journey has been centered around the intersection of technology and cultural heritage. Co-founding Red Historia Venezuela has allowed me to embark on a mission to digitize and safeguard endangered historical archives while fostering open access for all. This journey has been made possible through the support of local partners like the Academia Nacional de la Historia de Venezuela and international collaborators such as the Gerda Henkel Stiftung from Germany.

I strongly believe that technology, particularly machine learning and natural language processing, could have the power to revolutionize how we engage with history. By making history more accessible, we not only democratize knowledge but also promote a culture of transparency, accountability, and understanding.

The Internet 2.0 Conference, a global event bringing together visionaries, tech innovators, and digital enthusiasts, provided a platform to share our mission and achievements. This three-day conference focused on cutting-edge technologies, new business opportunities, and the evolving landscape of the digital age.

Additionally, I had the privilege of being interviewed by Eduardo Rodríguez on the show "A Tiempo," a local news channel, where I discussed the significance of receiving this award and the transformative mission of Red Historia Venezuela.

This award is a celebration of the collective dedication of the entire Red Historia Venezuela team. Together, we are making history more accessible and relevant to all. I extend my gratitude to the Internet 2.0 Conference for this recognition and to all those who have supported our journey.

To learn more about our ongoing initiatives and to join us in our pursuit of preserving cultural heritage through technology, I invite you to explore our website at

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