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Symposium Critical Thinking on Archives and Digitization

Hello everyone! I would like to share with you some notes from my participation in the Symposium on Theory and Practice of Digitization organized by the University of Texas Libraries and the Andrew Mellon Fellowship for Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Heritage at the Rare Book School. This symposium was a great experience for graduate students on the digitization of historical records and at the same time fostered critical reflection on these processes. Throughout the four sessions, we were able to learn about best practices in digitizing objects and inquire about their materiality. The librarians and academics who participated in the meeting also delved into the policies behind digitization, the power imbalances within archives, access to sources, and the importance of community participation in such initiatives. In addition, they addressed the issue of privacy within archival collections, specifically, the complexities that arise from balancing open access to materials from historically marginalized groups with consent issues regarding the publication of such historical documents. The knowledge about installing camera supports was particularly relevant for me due to the ongoing digitization projects undertaken by our organization @redhistoriave. It was an initiative that I recommend to anyone interested in the topic of cultural heritage and digitization of archives. Thanks to @utlibraries and @rarebookschool for the opportunity! #digitization #heritage #archives #history.

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