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Launch Personal Website!

Hello everyone!

I am happy to share with you this important news! The launching of my own website. I have thought of it as my personal digital space to share with you all what I am working on, what I like, and what I am passionate about. I hope to also connect with people with similar interests so feel free to reach out!

As you will see in future posts, most of the things I will be sharing are related to archival preservation, digital humanities, and my dissertation. I will probably post the occasional blogpost reviewing or talking about a book, movie, videogame, etc., as well. If interested, right now you will find entries to the blogposts I prepared for my old site, serapeionhumanitas. As the site goes on, I hope it will evolve into new directions.

To commemorate the start of this new digital project, I want to share with you the first podcast episode I have ever done as a host. I interviewed my friend and colleague, historian Guillermo Guzman Mirabal in September. The episode is about the history of border disputes between Venezuela and Guyana in the 1960s in the middle of the Cold War. It is in Spanish. Having said that, I have plans to produce more of these episodes in Spanish and English. So, stay tune for more!


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